29 December 2022

Equipment Support from TİKA to the Center for Gastronomy Training in Croatia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment support to the center, which aims to provide gastronomy training for the disabled, individuals in need of post-trauma rehabilitation, orphans, and elders in need of nursing, in Croatia.

In cooperation with the Association of Teachers of Special Education for Food and Beverage Services (UNUO), TİKA provided equipment support for the center providing gastronomy training for the disabled, individuals in need of post-trauma rehabilitation, orphans, and elders in need of nursing in Granesina, near the capital Zagreb.

Renovation works were held in the building of the training center UNUO Tent within UNUO which had been damaged due to the earthquake in 2020. The generator required for the cookers and ovens to work, cooking and service equipment which would be used throughout the training like the sauce machine, tableware etc. were provided.

Turkish Ambassador to Zagreb, Yavuz Selim Kıran, TİKA’s Coordinator in Zagreb, Sedef Bulut, President of UNUO, Vedran Habel, instructors of the center, and trainees attended the equipment delivery ceremony held at the center.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Kıran said, “Through the works you do and the training you receive in this beautiful environment organized cooperatively by UNUO and our TİKA, your friends would be very glad to welcome you in Türkiye with great presents.”

Highlighting that disability “is not a deficiency”, Kıran said, “Anyone can become a disabled person at any moment. What’s important is to have the wisdom to overcome those obstacles. We also have millions of disabled friends in Türkiye. Our government carries out significant works to understand and explain that their disabilities are not a fault.”

Ambassador Kıran continued:

“Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shows great sensitivity for our disabled friends in Croatia to benefit from the same opportunities. As a result of that, we are very proud to accomplish this special place through our TİKA and with UNUO.”

Kıran also noted that this is only one of the projects TİKA has carried out in Croatia.

President of UNUO, Habel stated that the association has been taking care of physically disabled children and orphans for years. Habel thanked TİKA and the Turkish Embassy in Zagreb for their support.

About UNUO

Providing education for food and beverage services to a broad range of people, from parentless children to elders, who have mental and/or physical disabilities, are in need of post-trauma rehabilitation, and are outcasts due to similar reasons; UNUO is an organization that conducts studies for the social and occupational inclusion, employment, and rehabilitation processes of these people with the skills gained through the training.

Bringing the healthy and disadvantaged individuals of society together by means of special workshops and activities, UNUO evaluates the results of the special education in practice and teaches the healthy individuals of society how to communicate with the disadvantaged individuals.

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