07 December 2022

Media Training Organized in Cooperation with TRT World, GZT, and TİKA Was Completed

Media training was organized in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), and GZT Digital publishing platform in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

More than 90 students participated in the training provided by the expert staff of TRT and GZT. At the end of the training, videos prepared by the students were evaluated and a present was given to the most successful team.

Speaking at the certification ceremony held at the end of the training, the Rector of Kyrgyz – Turkish Manas University, Prof. Alparslan Ceylan said, “Our young people have surely learned a lot from this training, and I thank all the institutions and instructors who contributed.”

TİKA’s Coordinator in Bishkek, Osman Usta highlighted the importance of the media sector and strengthening the relations between the two countries.

Media Manas working within Manas University played a significant role in the planning and implementation phases of the training. Instructors from TRT and GZT thanked the University and Media Manas administration and emphasized that they wish to see young people, who are just entering professional life, join them.

The second phase of the training was held in Maarif Schools in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s Maarif Schools, the first and only Maarif School in Central Asia, became the second place where the training was provided. Young people received comprehensive training in terms of mobile journalism and social media literacy in the training in which 55 high school students participated. At the end of the training, videos of young people producing creative content were shared on the social media platforms of TRT and GZT.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the program, the manager of Maarif Schools in Kyrgyzstan, Metin Kılınç said, “We had been wishing to implement this training for a long time, and this week has been very efficient for our students.” 

Holding the floor at the closing ceremony, the Editor of GZT, Doğukan Gezer noted that it was very efficient to meet with young people from the Turkish world.

In his speech, TRT’s Journalism for Young People Project Coordinator, Alpay Arı said, “Our project was developed to enable young people in disadvantaged regions to tell their stories. It is very meaningful for us to come together with the Turkish world.”

As a part of the training, instructors coming to Kyrgyzstan later met with the students of Kyrgyz Turkish Anatolian Girls’ Vocational School. 

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