13 February 2020

More Than 5,000 People in Sudan Entered a Profession Thanks to TİKA

5504 Sudanese people, who were trained at “Khartoum Vocational Trainers’ Training Center,” which was established by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in 2013, entered a profession in various fields such as Welding, Furniture, Textile, and Computer.

The training provided at Sudan Turkish Vocational Trainers’ Training Center, which was established in Khartoum in 2013 with the contributions of TİKA, greatly supports the workforce and academic competencies of Sudan by using machinery and equipment that are not available or are idle in most of the educational institutions in Sudan. On the other hand, the economic development of the Center and Sudan is supported through the manufacturing of products and services in case of need and demand by using the modern devices and equipment in the Center outside the time allocated to educational activities.

Thanks to the training sessions held in 2019 only, 1132 participants who attended the training programs in the departments of Mechatronics, Electronics, Electricity, CNC (Computer Numerical Control), Air Conditioning – Cooling (Air Conditioner and Refrigerator), Welding, Furniture, Computer, Hotel Management – Tourism, and Textile and Apparel received their certificates.

3D Training in Sudan

TİKA held a 3D Modeling and 3D Printing course at the center with the participation of 25 people from the Africa City of Technology and the Department of Electricity of the Military University of Karary, two leading technical institutions in Sudan. Two of the 3D Printers brought from Turkey for the course and produced by using domestic and national resources were donated to Sudan Turkish Vocational and Technical Trainers’ Training Center and the Faculty of Engineering of the Military University of Karary, which actively attended the course, to be used in future training courses.


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