29 August 2013

The Booklet That Will Describe Jerusalem To The World Was Prepared In Three Languages

The Booklet That Will Describe Jerusalem To The World Was Prepared In Three Languages


The booklets that will describe the significance of the first kiblah of Moslems Mescid-i Aksa, Kubbet-üs Sahra and Jerusalem to the world has been prepared in three languages by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate.
TİKA, an organization that has achieved a great many important projects in the field of protecting and promoting historical and cultural heritage, has brought to life another very important project called the Mescidi Aksa (Haremi Şerif) Guide. In order to contribute to the introduction of the Mescidi Aksa, the third most holy locale for Moslems after Mescidi Haram and Mescidi Nebevî, TİKA has established cooperation with PASSIA (The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs), one of Palestine’s most important study organizations, to implement the preparation and publication of the “Mescidi Aksa Haremi Şerif Guide” in three different languages. This project filled a very important gap that had been needed in this field for a number of years.

The booklet provides information about the 76 buildings and historical works that are located within the Mescidi Aksa. The booklet which is an important source provides information in English, Arabic and Turkish to visitors at the Mescidi Aksa. The booklets which have been enhanced with pictures and maps of the works were distributed to the public at a dinner that was organized for the occasion. The event, in which the booklet was introduced, was attended by Religious Scholars who serve the Mescidi Aksa, Palestinian statesmen, Foreign mission representatives, TİKA officials, the Jerusalem Embassy representatives, guests from Turkey, authors and journalists.

The Mescidi Aksa, located in Jerusalem, a holy city in terms of the spiritual relics and locations it holds for the three religions with the most members of Islam, Christianity and Judaism; has the distinction of being an open-air museum in which the most beautiful works of Islam are displayed. At the same time Mescidi Aksa is among the most visited locations in the world with visitors from every corner of the world. The Mescidi Aksa, for which a number of different Moslem civilizations that ruled Jerusalem have competed in order to maintain works their own history, starting from the conquest of Jerusalem to our day; includes a number of works left from the the Emevî, Abbasî, Fatımî, Eyyûbî, Memlük and Ottoman eras. During the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Jerusalem which lasted four centuries Mescidi Aksa was called “Haremi Şerif”. A great number of works were created by Ottoman Sultans, statesmen and philanthropists in the Mescidi Aksa.

The aforementioned booklet was prepared through contributions by TİKA to keep the memories alive and to introduce Mescidi Aksa. Special care was taken to include short but accurate information in the booklet that is based on solid references and prepared through a meticulous academic study to introduce the Mescidi Aksa to make a serious contribution and set an example for future projects.

TİKA continues to work on projects to protect works belonging to Turkish-Islamic cultures and civilizations in Palestine.


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