07 August 2019

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Mustafa Şentop Initiates TİKA Projects in Mongolia

During the official visit of the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Prof. Mustafa Şentop in Mongolia, Şentop inaugurated the Office of the Chief Prosecutor's of Criminal Cases Archive Office constructed by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Şentop stated that TİKA had carried out numerous projects in several countries and said, "Not only does this provide financing but it also paves the way for turn-key projects by bringing together experience obtained from different projects and different regions."

"TİKA has become Turkey's most important brand"

Şentop underlined that TİKA had become Turkey's most important brand and added the following:

"In several countries, the name ‘TİKA’ and the people who represent TİKA are recognized more than we are. We are pleased with this situation. Turkey holds a different approach compared to several countries around the world in this respect. Turkey was the country that provided the most aid last year in terms of development and human development aid around the world. There are many rich countries around the world. Turkey is not at the top of that list; however, it does have a rich heart. This is because we believe that a peaceful and harmonious life cannot be sustained for anyone unless a minimum standard of development is provided for all people around the world."

Mongolian Dictionary and Spelling Book

Şentop also took part in the printing ceremony for the "Mongolian Dictionary and Spelling Book", which was printed by TİKA and organized at the National Council for Language Policy of Mongolia. Şentop stated that these projects were carried out in line with the needs and demands determined by the Mongolian authorities and that despite the fact that it was the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, the peoples of the two countries had thousands of years of history.

Stating that the two countries had a long-standing relationship and will continue to maintain strong relations in the future, Şentop added: "We are putting in our best effort to further improve this relationship." Şentop also expressed that the dictionary will ensure the passing on of Mongolian to future generations. Mongolian officials thanked the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Şentop and TİKA’s Ulaanbaatar Coordinator Emrah Ustaömer in their speeches.

In the last year, TİKA has implemented 67 projects in various fields in Mongolia.

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