21 March 2022

The Symposium “In the Footsteps of Piri Reis: The History of Algeria” Was Held with the Support of TİKA

The symposium “In the Footsteps of Piri Reis: The History of Algeria in the 16th Century According to Kitab-ı Bahriye” was held in different cities of Algeria from March 7 to 14, 2022, with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The symposium was attended by Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Algeria; Prof. Muhammet Hekimoğlu, President of the Atatürk High Institution of Culture, Language and History; Prof. Birol Çetin, President of the Turkish Historical Society; Prof. Uğur Ünal, Director of State Archives; Prof. Muhittin Macit, Director of the Institution for Manuscripts; Prof. Mahmut Ak, Rector of Istanbul University; Prof. Yusuf Tekin, Rector of Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University; Dr. Alparslan Çevik, TİKA’s Coordinator in Algeria; Dr. Abdul Majid Sheikhi, Chief Advisor to the President of Algeria and Director-General of National Archives of Algeria; Prof. Abdul Baqi bin Zayan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria; Prof. Soraya Muluji, Minister of Culture of Algeria; and academics from Türkiye, Algeria, Italy, Spain, and Albania.

In addition to the symposium, which consisted of sessions held in Jijel, Batna, Biskra, as well as Algiers, the capital; an exhibition featuring Piri Reis’ maps of Algerian Provinces was opened.

At the event, which drew great interest from national media organizations operating in Algeria, numerous protocols for cooperation were signed between the universities in Türkiye and Algeria. As part of the symposium, the Turkish delegation also visited the Ketchaoua Mosque, which was renovated by TİKA.

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