03 November 2022

TİKA’s President Kayalar: “There is a demand from all over the world for the War Journalism Training we have organized with AA.”

President of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Serkan Kayalar stated that there is a demand from all over the world for the war journalism training carried out with the cooperation of Anatolian Agency (AA) and Turkish Police Academy. He said that 30 press members from 16 countries participated in this year’s training.

Kayalar made a statement about the 22nd War Journalism Training jointly organized by AA, Turkish Police Academy and TİKA as well as the training cooperations between AA and TİKA.

Indicating that TİKA has been giving a helping hand to the countries all over the world through the projects it carries out, Mr. Kayalar said, “While we are conducting these projects, our most important shareholders are the experienced institutions of our country. Anatolian Agency, for example, has established a bridge between our country and the rest of the world for more than a century. In this context, we have been collaborating with Anatolian Agency in media trainings for a long time.”

Emphasizing that TİKA undertakes cooperations both for traditional and digital media, Mr. Kayalar said:

"To us, one of the most important pillars of media trainings is war journalism. We have undertaken very productive collaborations with Anatolian Agency with regard to war journalism trainings. There is demand from all over the world for the War Journalism Training we have organized with AA. This year we have carried out three trainings. 30 participants from 16 countries attended these trainings and received both theoretical and on-site information about how to be a war correspondent in the best way possible.”

Underlining that the media trainings are among TİKA’ most successful collaborations, Mr. Kayalar stated, “War journalism, a part of our media trainings, has now become a trademark. In this regard, I would like to thank everybody who took part in these trainings, particularly our General Director (Serdar Karagöz), the managers of Anatolian Agency, Head of the Police Academy as well as its employees and the course participants who came to our country and completed the training successfully”.

"Press members from all over the world want to receive war journalism training"

Reminding that AA has been conducting war journalism trainings for 10 years, Mr. Kayalar said TİKA will continue to be a part of this project and contribute to it at all its stages.

Kayalar indicated that AA and Police Academy are both very experienced in these trainings and said, “We are informed that press members from all over the world want to come to our country and be a part of these projects.”

"We are in an age, in which communication is more important than ever”, maintained Kayalar. He also added that while digital media is gaining ground, traditional media remains important.

Drawing attention to the transformation in media, Mr. Kayalar said:

"We share the innovations in this field with the press members who come to participate in our trainings. Wars are a reality of our age. We are currently experiencing this. Apart from wars, there are also regional conflicts which are not called wars. In these trainings, our friends learn how to share the facts from war and conflict zones. In this context, we already have Anatolian Agency, our honour, whose experience in war journalism is indisputable. Our friends who participate in the trainings given by Anatolian Agency and Police Academy work more efficiently when they go the war zones.”

25 press members, 14 of whom were non-Turkish, successfully completed the war journalism training started on September 26 by TİKA, AA and Turkish Police Academy, and they received their certificates at the ceremony organized on October 7. 

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