22 April 2022

TİKA’s Ramadan Programs Continue in Azerbaijan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) started to distribute food parcels to 2,500 families in Azerbaijan as part of Ramadan events.

The event was attended by Cahit Bağcı, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Baku; Fuad Huseynov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of Azerbaijan; Gafar Asgarzada, Vice President of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society; TİKA’s officials; and representatives of NGOs.

After the ceremony, the food parcels prepared by TİKA were loaded on trucks in Baku to be delivered to the families of martyrs and those in need in different cities.

Speaking to press members, Ambassador Bağcı stated that TİKA carried out exemplary activities around the world, especially in friendly and sister countries.

Bağcı thanked TİKA, stressing that the Agency has been supporting Azerbaijan, a sister country, in every field for many years.

Bağcı noted that the aid would be delivered to those who are actually in need, in cooperation with NGOs. He said, “We are brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters always stand by each other and share both their sadness and joy with one another. The purpose of this aid is to ensure that as a sister nation, our presence is felt at iftar dinners.”

Fuad Huseynov stated the aid was a clear indication of the friendly relations and solidarity between Türkiye and Azerbaijan.

Huseynov added Türkiye was the first country to recognize Azerbaijan’s independence and has always supported Azerbaijan. He said, “The Karabakh War was another example. The moral and political support of the Turkish government and people played a major role in the victory. I would like to thank the Turkish government and people on behalf of the people of Azerbaijan.”

Fatih Yılmaz, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Baku, noted that TİKA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has carried out projects and activities in many fields as Türkiye’s friendly and helping hand extended to different continents.

Yılmaz underlined that humanitarian assistance activities had a special place among their activities, and said, “We held this event to share the spirit of solidarity brought by Ramadan with our brothers and sisters in Azerbaijan, as we did in previous years. We prepared 2,500 food parcels to be delivered to internally displayed persons and families in need, especially to the families of the martyrs and veterans of the Karabakh War.”

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