29 November 2021

TİKA Built Physics and Chemistry Laboratories in a High School in Sudan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built science laboratories for applied physics and chemistry classes in al-Mustaqbal Girls’ High School, run by the Welfare and Development Charity Organization (WeDCO), in the city of Kassala in eastern Sudan.

In his speech, Bilal Özden, TİKA’s Khartoum Coordinator, stated that nearly 70 percent of the students of the girls’ high school, which is located in the city center of Kassala, consisted of orphans, while 20 percent were the children of low-income families living in the region, and 10 percent were the children of Eritrean families living in refugee camps.

Özden noted that the school, where 217 girls study, was highly successful and that they hoped the laboratories built would help the school achieve even greater success. İdris Yasin Abdullah Muhammed, Director of WeDCO, said that these laboratories would help students achieve academic success and acquire knowledge in various branches of science, especially chemistry and physics. Muhammed thanked TİKA for its assistance and noted that the Agency contributed greatly to eliminating deficiencies in various parts of the world, especially in Sudan.

“It is amazing that students will acquire this knowledge before university”

Mutaz Ibrahim, a physics teacher, said, “These beautiful and precious laboratories will be very helpful. It is amazing that students will acquire this knowledge in high school, before university.” Osman Said, a chemistry teacher, noted that the lack of laboratories could be felt in many schools and that students would gain experience thanks to TİKA’s support.

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