01 March 2022

TİKA Created a Research and Application Garden at Tajik Agrarian University Named Shirinsho Shotemur

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) created a research and application orchard of 25.000 sq. in the training and scientific research farm owned by Tajik Agrarian University Named Shirinsho Shotemur.

In the first phase of the 3-phase project implemented by TİKA at Tajik Agrarian University Named Shirinsho Shotemur, which is the only agrarian university and one of the longest-established educational institutions in Tajikistan and has more than 11,000 students, an agrometeorological station was established to measure the temperature/humidity, wind speed/direction, leaf wetness, and soil moisture/temperature in the region. The solar-powered station also has a fruit disease early warning system.

In the second phase of the project, a 104-meter-deep water well was drilled for the orchard.

In the last phase of the project, the research and application orchard was created. In this phase, 2,000 apple, 350 cherry, and 360 plum saplings and 12,500 rootstocks of different apple varieties were planted in the research and application orchard of 25,000 sq. meters. An orchard of a total of 20,000 sq. meters and a sapling production area of 5,000 sq. meters were created.

A greenhouse support system was installed on a land of 10,600 sq. meters, and a modern drip irrigation system with the capacity to irrigate the entire project area was built. Furthermore, pruning shears, pesticide sprayers, and other necessary equipment for the project were provided.

In the practice phase of the project, faculty members and students of Tajik Agrarian University Named Shirinsho Shotemur had the opportunity to actively participate in all the steps and receive applied training on many topics, such as species, varieties, planting distance, planting systems, and training systems.

The nursery is expected to contribute greatly to the university’s development and educational and scientific studies in the field of agriculture; to set an example for similar activities to be carried out in Tajikistan in this field, and to produce fruit saplings that will contribute to the development of fruit cultivation in the country.

It is aimed to create scientific data and carry out R&D activities at the center as well as annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 saplings and 100 tonnes of fruit.

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