20 June 2022

TİKA Established an Informatics Laboratory at the Technical School in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established two informatics laboratories at Deir Amar Technical Institute in Lebanon.  

Deir Amar Technical Institute is in Minye, Lebanon, and it is known as the biggest public technical school of the country. The informatics laboratories established by TİKA are aimed at the students of the Robotics and Automatization Department.

Ali Barış Ulusoy, the Ambassador of Türkiye in Beirut, Orhan Aydın, TİKA’s Beirut Coordinator, school administrators and the administrative authorities from the city attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Ulusoy gave a speech at the ceremony and said Türkiye continues to side with Lebanon. He informed that since 2010, TİKA has launched more than 170 projects in diverse sectors, primarily in education, in Lebanon.

The Manager of the Institute, Hüsam Eid indicated that thanks to the informatics labs established by TİKA, students will access information more easily.

The institute, which has a capacity of 1300 students, focuses on industrial specialisation trainings on electrics and mechanics. TİKA provided the institute with an infrastructure support so that its education quality can be increased, and more qualified students can be trained.

The informatics labs established by TİKA especially for robotics and automatization students will help the latter to receive trainings at modern standards. Besides, the institute was given a PLC control system, computers, tables, chairs, boards, a network system, an AC and a projection system.

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