06 December 2023

TİKA Installed a Solar Energy Laboratory in the Vocational Training Center in Tunisia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed a solar energy training laboratory in the vocational training center in Sfax, a city in Tunisia.

The opening ceremony of the laboratory installed in the headquarters within the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training was attended by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tunisia, Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp; President of Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training, Mervan Bin Süleyman; Director of Sfax Vocational Training Center, Hamdi Guidara; TİKA’s Coordinator in Tunisia, Ali Fuat Cebeci; and the attendees who receive training in the center.

In his speech, TİKA’s Coordinator in Tunisia, Cebeci, stated that they prioritize supporting the projects on training young people, thus enabling them to acquire a profession. Cebeci said: “Within the mutual understanding between us and the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training, which is active under Tunisia’s Ministry of Employment, we had decided to modernize and equip some of the vocational training centers across the country with new systems. Within this scope, we installed this photovoltaic (solar energy) training laboratory within the Sfax Vocational Training Center.” Noting that they also helped prepare the academic staff that will provide training in the laboratory, Cebeci stated: “In the installed classroom, we enabled the academic staff that will provide training to receive a certified education given by the experts for a month. We predict that each year, approximately 100 students will benefit from the laboratory in which the academic staff of 12 persons will be providing education and thus join the employment market. As TİKA, our goal is to support similar projects which create a difference and add value and to develop the infrastructure of the training centers.”

“TİKA Has Implemented More Than 200 Projects in Tunisia”

Ambassador Çakıralp noted that the solar energy laboratory TİKA installed is an important investment. Çakıralp stated: “We believe that this project is important and valuable for Tunisia’s development as well. With the financial support of TİKA, the trainers who will give training here were also given the necessary education. TİKA, which has been active in Tunisia since 2012, has successfully carried out over 200 projects, the physical value of which is more than 50 million dollars.” Çakıralp noted that the goal of the Turkish Embassy and TİKA is to carry out projects that will touch the lives of the people of Tunisia, the young people, and the people from different parts of the society, thus directly leaving a positive impact.

President of the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training, Süleyman, stated that the training laboratory, installed in Sfax as an example of the cooperation between Tunisia-Türkiye, will fill an important gap in the field of solar energy training. Expressing how happy he is to see that TİKA is investing in the Sfax Vocational Training Center, Süleyman said: “The goal of the project is to bring educated staff to the market of solar energy in Tunisia. We want to support the solar energy market, which we believe will greatly contribute to Tunisia’s economy. Sustainability is important in vocational training; therefore, there is a great need for training laboratories.”

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