21 November 2013

Turkish Cooperation And Coordination Agency Restores Nebi Musa Kulliye Which Is In Jerusalem

Turkish Cooperation And Coordination Agency Restores Nebi Musa Kulliye Which Is In Jerusalem

The restoration project has been handled in the framework of reviving Turkish-Islamic civilization’s great architectural Works. With this Project, TİKA will renovate one more important architectural work.

In 1286-1269, Mamluk Sultan Baybars built a mosque and grave on the tomb in which it is believed that Prophet Moses has been buried. As time goes by, some buildings are added to the mosque and tomb such as inn, outbuildings, therefore it has a feature of a big külliye.

This külliye is on the Pilgrim route. Especially during Ottoman period, this place was used as an inn in which Pilgrims rest and meet their basic needs before arriving Jerusalem.

During Ottoman period, to meet the needs of the külliye, foundations were established in Eriha and also in other cities of Palestine. It is known from the historical archives and sources that Ottoman attached great importance to here because of Prophet Moses’s tomb. According to valid hadith and other historical information it is believed that Prophet Moses’s tomb is here.

Since Selahaddin Eyyubi reign, every year in April, a festival is celebrated here. During Ottoman rule, these festivals were celebrated more widely. In the concept of this one week festival, various celebrations including a parade with flags from Nebi Musa to Jerusalem is done. These celebrations continue in our day, but it has a longing for old gorgeous days. By means of TİKA restoration project, participation of more people from all over the world is targeted.

After an evaluation meeting together with Palestinian Pious Foundations and Islamic Affairs Ministry about the restoration of this tomb and mosque, it is decided that TİKA is going to support the restoration project. In this regard, the land is allocated in October and the restoration project began at the same time.

When the restoration and preservation of this mosque and tomb are completed by TİKA, a very important architectural work of Islamic history and cultural heritage will be transferred to future generations.

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