02 March 2020

Turkish Doctors Performed Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeries on 100 Patients in Afghanistan

Yeryüzü Doktorları Association performed ear, nose, and throat surgeries on 100 patients in Kabul, Afghanistan with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The association operates in countries with the lowest number of healthcare providers per capita. Speaking to an AA correspondent, Yeryüzü Doktorları Association Project Coordinator Yahya Tanrıkulu stated that the 11-day program organized by the association in Kabul has ended.

Stating that TİKA supported the project, Tanrıkulu said, “We have operated on 100 patients and examined 250 people in Kabul. We gave hope to 100 patients who could not be operated on under local conditions due to impossibilities and the inadequacy of doctors. The specialists in our team also gave training to local healthcare providers during the surgeries. Patients who could not be treated due to financial impossibilities came from remote parts of the country and received treatment.”

– "Our doctors performed very successful operations"

Noting that they will continue to serve people in the regions in need all over the world with the support of volunteers and donors, Tanrıkulu said, “Here, we have seen that many patients have been suffering from various diseases for many years due to not having the simple operations they needed. Our doctors performed very successful operations to treat hearing losses and nose and throat diseases. During the post-operative examinations of the patients, we witnessed how grateful they were for the Turkish people and Turkish doctors and how much they loved them.”

After the surgeries and examinations, the members of the association also distributed gifts to children and had a snowball fight with them in the streets of Kabul.

The team of two ENT surgeons, two anesthesiologists, and two nurses, who arrived in Kabul on January 7, has left the country.

Yeryüzü Doktorları Association provides healthcare services in nearly 50 countries with the support of more than 20,000 volunteers.


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