04 March 2024

Calligraphy Exhibition in Tunisia by TİKA and Albayrak Group

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Albayrak Group held a calligraphy exhibition in Tunisia.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tunisia, Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp; TİKA’s Coordinator in Tunisia, Ali Fuat Cebeci; Albayrak Media Sales and Marketing General Manager, Abdullah Hanönü; Albayrak Group Corporate Communications Coordinator, Esad Sivri; TVNET Deputy General Director, Serhat İbrahimoğlu, Tunisian officials, Tunisian Arabic Calligraphy Center students and representatives of Turkish institutions working in Tunisia attended the opening of the exhibition organized at the Tunisian Culture Palace National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts with contributions of TİKA.

Providing information about the exhibition, Hanönü stated, “We are here in Tunisia this year as Albayrak Group within the scope of the calligraphy exhibitions we have been organizing for 10 years. We are exhibiting 25 works in our exhibition, which has attracted great interest. We are really pleased to organize our exhibition, to which calligraphers from Türkiye and many other parts of the world contributed, in Tunisia, a sister country with which we have longstanding relations. Tunisia is one of the most precious countries for us, there are talented calligraphers and a great interest in calligraphy here.”

“The exhibition includes paintings containing prayer and salutation verses from the Holy Qur’an.”

Expressing his satisfaction with the exhibition featuring the works of Turkish calligraphers being held in Tunisia, Çakıralp, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tunisia, stated, “25 paintings of Turkish calligraphers are exhibited as important calligraphic works of art. Calligraphy, which is one of the important branches of art in Türkiye and Tunisia, is a part of our ancient culture and civilization. We hope that mutual relations between the calligraphy centers in Tunisia and Türkiye will continue.”

Turkish calligrapher İbrahim Şengül, who taught Tunisian calligraphy students within the scope of the exhibition, made the following statements about the exhibition:

“We brought our works of art including prayer and salutation verses from the Holy Qur’an for this exhibition. We were welcomed with great enthusiasm, and we are very pleased. I hope we will have the opportunity to hold similar exhibitions in the coming years. The works we exhibit here include examples from both the art of illumination and different types of calligraphic script styles.”

“The works of Turkish calligraphers are impressive”

Stating that he was very impressed by the “elegant paintings” of Turkish calligraphers, Tunisian calligrapher and photographer Omar Ben Mabrouk said, “I think everyone agrees that Türkiye and Tunisia share a common history and heritage. Tunisia was inspired by the unique style and school created by Turkish artists in the art of calligraphy. The expertise of Turkish calligraphers in reqa, diwani and thuluth calligraphic scripts is also reflected in the paintings we see in the exhibition.”

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