15 September 2015

2000 couples became family thanks to TIKA and Religious Affairs Administration

Two thousands couples got married in a mass wedding ceremony held by Turkish Religious Affairs Administration in Gaza and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

In addition to TIKA representatives, the deputy chief of the political bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh, representatives of the movement and ministers of the national consensus government attended the ceremony. 
TIKA Coordinator in Palestine Bülent Korkmaz said: “Both Turkish Government and Turkish people are very glad to be with you today. Turkey will always continue to support Palestine. 

Expressing the happiness and pleasure to be with people from Gaza deserving to have an honored life, Korkmaz said this organization held in the anniversary of Mavi Marmara attack is a proof that Turkey takes sides with Palestinians. 
In his speech at the ceremony, Haniyeh stated that Turkey supports Palestinians in every way and expressed his gratitude to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish Government and Turkish people.

Addressing to Mavi Marmara attack by Israel, Haniyeh said: “I met with martyr’s relatives when I visited Turkey. I saw how Gaza and Palestine are important for them. They told me that even beloved children cannot be more valuable that Jerusalem and Gaza.”
Expressing that Turkey will give 4 million dollar support for married couples, Haniyeh said: “Turkish charities played a big role to bind up wounds of Gaza. Turkey, as the biggest supporter of us, attends our wedding ceremony today.”

Haniyeh declared that Turkey will built 20 buildings including 340 apartments for homeless people after the last attacks in Gaza.
According to statistics of human rights center in Palestine, almost 70 thousands Palestinians took shelter in UNRWA schools located in different areas of Gaza after Israel attacks to Gaza lasting 51 days. 

According to statistics of Ministry of Labor and Housing, 19 thousands houses were completely destroyed after Israel attacks to Gaza. 
Israel attacked to Gaza, which was under blockage for years, of Israel from air and sea on the 7th of July and attacked by land on the 17th of July. Then Israel continued its air attacks after withdraw of its army from land. Israel ended its attacks with a ceasefire signed by Palestinian groups on the 26th of August after contacts held in conciliation of Egypt.




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