22 May 2013

A Cooperation Agreement Was Signed Between The Fao And TİKA

A Cooperation Agreement Was Signed Between The Fao And TİKA

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

A ceremony was held in FAO’s headquarters in Rome. Laurent Thomas, FAO Assistant-Director- General of Technical Cooperation and Harun Tuncer, TİKA Vice-President, signed an agreement which is about world hunger, malnutrition, sustainable food production and cooperation projects with least developed countries and developing countries.

After the signing ceremony, FAO Assistant Director-General of Technical Cooperation noted that “Today is a big day for FAO, Turkey and People. As we sign this agreement today, we strengthened our cooperation with TİKA”.

“Both two cooperation share same goals in some respects like world hunger, malnutrition and sustainable food production,” said Thomas. “We inferred that we cannot reach the same goals alone, we need each other. This agreement made with TİKA will support us as technical and technology transfer. I believe that we will get positive results.”

TİKA Vice-President Harun Tuncer pointed out Turkey’s development assistance. He also stated that Turkey’s development assistance to developing countries reached $ 2, 5 billion in 2012. Of course, TİKA doesn’t work alone while doing these development assistances. TİKA works with international organizations and agencies from other countries. In this context, we made an agreement with FAO.

He stated “FAO has a sub-regional office in Turkey and our cooperation will be more formal with this agreement. While we doing development assistance to least developed countries and developing countries, we believe that we will take advantage of FAO’s expertise”.

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