28 November 2022

Agricultural Lands in Lebanon Get Water with the Support of TİKA

The “Kobayat Agricultural Irrigation System Rehabilitation and Renovation Project” was carried out to provide water to the fruit growers in Lebanon with support from Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

In the region within the borders of Kobayat and Karim Şbat municipalities, the renovation and construction of irrigation channels which were built years ago to provide water to the fruit growers and were not efficient enough due to the wearing, deterioration, and water loss based on time were completed.

As a part of the project, existing water channels were repaired and new water channels were constructed where required.

In addition, 3 different spring water that were existing but wasted were brought together and collected in the built water tank. The collected water was then canalized to the channels to be used for the irrigation of farmlands.

The productivity will increase and side income will be provided to the families

The project carried out in cooperation with TİKA, Kobayat Municipality, and Kobayat Agricultural Cooperative aims to increase the agricultural irrigation level and productivity, and to provide side income for a large number of families.

Undersecretary of the Turkish Embassy in Beirut, Yeter Yaman Naucodie, TİKA’s Coordinator in Beirut, Orhan Aydın, Member of the Parliament, Jimmy Jabbour, and members of Kobayat Agricultural Cooperative attended the opening ceremony for the project held in Kobayat.

In his speech at the ceremony, Member of the Parliament, Jabbour reported that the project has made use of the idle water resources and that the region has reached more water for agricultural use through the constructed channels.

Stating that they are grateful to Türkiye and TİKA, Jabbou wished this to be the first step of long-term cooperation.

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