21 November 2022

Capacity Building Support in Education to Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided capacity increase support to Kaweishra High School in Lebanon.

The capacity of Kaweishra High School which was built by the Turkish Red Crescent in 2008 in the northern Lebanese village of Kaweishra with a population of approximately 4 thousand, most of which are Turkmens, and has been maintaining its educational activities for 14 years had fallen short due to the increasing population of the village, refugees, and students coming from nearby villages. TİKA provided capacity increase support to solve the problem of the high school where 40 students receive education in classrooms for 20 people.

3 additional classrooms were built in the school by TİKA for the students from Kaweishra and neighbouring villages to study under better physical conditions. Benches, tables, chairs, and blackboards were also provided as a part of the project.

Undersecretary of the Turkish Embassy in Beirut, Yeter Yaman Naucodie, TİKA’s Coordinator in Beirut, Orhan Aydın, Military Attaché, Colonel Hüseyin Başaran, Internal Affairs Counsellor, Colonel Cafer Öz, Member of the Parliament from Akkar, Muhammed Süleyman, Mayor of Kaweishra, Muhammed Ebu Kerim, Headmaster of Kaweishra High School, Halid İsmail, students, and people of the village attended the inauguration of the classrooms.

In his speech, Mayor of Kaweishra, Kerim stated that they are grateful for the support Türkiye and TİKA have been giving to their village for years.

Member of the parliament, Süleyman mentioned that TİKA has been actively carrying out projects not just in Kaweishra but in the whole Akkar region and said that this support in the field of education has great importance and meaning.

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