01 July 2021

Djiboutian Women Entering a Profession Thanks to TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided sewing machines to 24 Djibouti women who completed their basic tailoring and sewing training under Djibouti 7th District Women's Vocational Project.

Intensive basic tailoring and sewing training, which was initiated with the cooperation of TİKA and the CASAF (Balbala) Women's Vocational Center affiliated to the Ministry of Women and Family was completed. The training that lasted 8 months was initiated to provide jobs to unemployed and poor women living in the 7th District of Djibouti.

At the ceremony held at the CASAF Center on June 23, 2021, 24 women who successfully completed their training were given their certificates by Mouna Osman Aden, Minister of Women and Family of Djibouti, and Salim Levent Şahinkaya, Turkish Ambassador to Djibouti. Also, treadle sewing machines and sewing materials were given by TİKA to the certificate holders at the ceremony.  

In her opening speech at the ceremony, CASAF Director Nima Yonis Hoch Casaf mentioned TİKA's activities in Djibouti and expressed her satisfaction of the training support provided by TİKA to the Women's Vocational Center.

JACO President Djima Djama Robleh thanked TİKA and CASAF in her speech and expressed that she felt so glad as TİKA fulfilled all their requests.

Starting his speech by congratulating the newly appointed Minister of Women and Family, Mouna Osman Aden; Turkish Ambassador to Djibouti, Salim Levent Şahinkaya emphasized the importance of women's activities in society and woman empowerment. Ambassador Şahinkaya continued by saying: “TİKA offices operating in 60 countries carry out many important projects. TİKA, which has an office in Djibouti since 2015, carries out activities that are very beneficial to society. Turkey will always stand by Djibouti."

Speaking later, TİKA Coordinator Kutluhan Yücel conveyed technical information about the development and outcome of the project and said: “Capacity building and creating income-generating activities are at the center of TİKA's aid policy. As Djibouti Program Coordination Office, we carry out our projects in accordance with this policy.”

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