27 July 2018

First Aid Training for the Moldova Police Force

A "Training for the First Aid Trainers" and Training for the First Aid Volunteers were organized for members of the Moldova General Directorate of Security Affairs under the cooperation of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Turkish Red Crescent.

TİKA, which is active in several areas in Moldova, organized a Training for the First Aid Trainers and Training for the First Aid Volunteers in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent within the framework of the Emergency and Disaster Response Training Program (ADAMEP) in the field of health. The first aid capacity of the Moldovan police force will be established through the training program, which will take place in the capital city, Chisinau, and will last 10 days.

The trainees demonstrated great interest in the training provided by professional trainers of the Turkish Red Crescent. Trainees, who successfully completed the training, were presented a "Trainer Certificate," which is valid throughout Europe, allowing them to provide training in their field.  

Trainees qualified to become trainers in the later stage of the program will provide first aid training to the Moldovan Police Force, which consists of 2,000 people.

"Special Thanks to TİKA"

The General Director of Moldova Security Affairs Alexander Pinzari, who took the floor at the ceremony organized for the initiation of the program, stated that they aimed for all police officers on duty throughout Moldova to receive first aid training. Pinzari underlined the importance of the training and said, "More than 2,500 traffic accidents take place annually throughout the country and around 300 casualties occur. Research shows that it is possible to reduce the number of casualties with aid provided at the scene."

TİKA's Chisinau Program Coordinator Selda Özdenoğlu thanked the experts who offered training on behalf of the Red Crescent and all trainees for their participation and stated that TİKA would provide further support for the Moldova General Directorate of Security Affairs.

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