27 November 2023

Food Aid to Terror Victim Families in Niger

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) distributes aid kits consisting of basic food in camps where terror victim families live in Niger.

The effects of the political crisis that occurred in Niger on 26 July 2023 still remain.

The commodity prices, including basic food products, have increased significantly in the country where there are security and economic problems.

Apart from the increase in food prices, the fact that various foreign development agencies and non-governmental organizations have stopped their activities in the country affects the social aid policies of Niger, which is highly dependent on foreign aid.

On the other hand, the terrorist incidents on the border with Mali and Burkina Faso have peaked, and the people living in the border regions have migrated rapidly inland.

The capital Niamey, situated in the center of the Tillabéri region, which is facing terrorist incidents most frequently, is the leading city within the cities affected by these migrations.

Thousands of citizens settled in Niamey are in need of all sorts of humanitarian aid.

Having responded to the request of the Ministry of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Management of the Transitional Government of Niger, TİKA, in order to ease the difficulties of Nigerien people during this tough time that Niger is facing, distributed aid kits consisting of basic food to 500 immigrant terror victim families in cooperation with the Niger-Türkiye Alumni Association.

The distribution of food parcels was carried out with the participation of Türkiye's Ambassador to Niamey, Özgür Çınar; TİKA’s Coordinator in Niamey, Tanju Polat; IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s Coordinator in Niamey, Sami Fadhel; Niamey Governorship officials, the representatives of the Niger Ministry of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Management and Niamey Metropolitan Municipality Administrators.

It is anticipated that approximately 3,500 people will benefit from the aid provided in the camps where terror victim families.

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