21 December 2022

Greenhouse Support for 15 Farmers in Montenegro

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) delivered greenhouse tents, the installation of which was completed as a part of the Improving Greenhouse Farming Project, to 15 producers in the Pljevlja region of Montenegro.

Supporting greenhouse cultivation, which has an important place in the agricultural production of Montenegro, since 2015, TİKA had organized a theoretical and applied training themed Improving Greenhouse Farming, The Fight Against Diseases and Pests in the previous months in Pljevlja. TİKA provided greenhouse tents and gardening equipment to 15 participants of the training.

President of the Islamic Union of Pljevlja, Ferid Osmanagic, TİKA’s Coordinator in Montenegro, Abdurrahman S. Toprak, and greenhouse owners residing in the Pljevlja region attended the ceremony held in Pljevlja.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Islamic Union of Pljevlja, Osmanagic indicated that TİKA has been carrying out significant projects, particularly in the fields of health and education, in Montenegro and thanked TİKA, on behalf of the Islamic Union of Montenegro, for their support to the families in need in the field of agriculture.

In their speech, TİKA’s Coordinator in Montenegro, Toprak stated that as TİKA, they care about the projects, that prioritize employment in agriculture and prevent emigration, in Montenegro.

As a part of the Improving Greenhouse Farming Project started in the Northern region of Montenegro, more than 200 greenhouses have been installed since 2015. About 100 farmers participated in the training organized to increase productivity in the greenhouses, where drip irrigation is used for production, over the past 2 years.

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