14 August 2018

Health Assistance from Young TİKA Volunteers to Villages in Djibouti

Under the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency’s (TİKA) coordination, with the participation of university students from various regions of Turkey, 2018 Experience Sharing Program started in the Republic of Djibouti.

In the Republic of Djibouti, in order to fight against epidemics, which have become prominent lately and in order to improve hygienic conditions by increased social awareness and sensitivity, a Cleaning and Hygiene Campaign is undertaken by Djibouti Social Development Agency and TİKA. As part of the program, in villages that lacked a medical center, young volunteers from the faculties of medicine and pharmacy helped distribute first aid kits.

Within the scope of the “Cleaning and Hygiene Campaign” project that was launched in all regions of Djibouti, 80 hygiene and personal care sets as well as 40 first aid kits were distributed in the village of Gabla Calen in Arta Region and training sessions were offered regarding the use of these sets.

In the second leg of the program, in Abaitou village in the Dikhil Region near Ethiopian border, university students were greeted with a great enthusiasm, local dances and chants of “Welcome Turkey” and they distributed 80 hygiene and personal care sets as well as 40 first aid kits with the district governor and the village elders.

Started to attend to the needs of village health centers, which usually lack medical centers or struggle to make do with very limited resources and to elevate the social awareness for the fight against epidemics, the project continues with the distribution of hygiene and first aid materials in all rural regions of Djibouti.   

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