28 November 2022

Health Screening for Victims of Terrorism and Natural Disasters in Niger

In cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital, medical screening for internal migrants who are terror and natural disaster victims was provided.

TİKA continues to dress the wounds of Nigerien internal migrants who are terror and natural disaster victims.

Throughout the medical screening on the outskirts of Niamey, more than 2.000 patients were examined and nearly 6.000 medicines were distributed. More than 100 of the examined patients were transferred to the Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital for further treatment and intervention with the support of the Turkish Maarif Foundation. About 50 patients were surgically intervened.

Turkish Missions in Niger, international institutions, and national media members attended the program which lasted 2 days. Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy of Türkiye in Niamey, Mahir Saruhan visited the organization on-site and stated that they consider the fate of the countries the same and that they will continue to support the cooperation between Niger and Türkiye in any field.

World Health Organization Representative, Mor Djaw, and International Organization for Migration Representatives, Natsuko Sawaya and Charlotte van Heesevijk visited the organization on-site and presented their congratulations and support.

The patients who could not find a chance to be treated due to the high-cost healthcare services thanked Turkish people and Türkiye for the free-of-charge examination, medicine, treatment, and operation opportunities offered to them.

Contributing to the infrastructure development work in Niger in several fields, from health to education, from agriculture and livestock to media, TİKA continues to gain appreciation from the people of Niger with the humanitarian and social aid activities carried out for the benefit of the disadvantaged groups.

TİKA continues to support health infrastructure in Niger

According to the United Nations’ data, recent terrorism and natural disasters lead to internal population movements in Niger where nearly half of the population lives below the breadline.

Thousands of terror and disaster victims living in extraordinary conditions in neighbourhoods randomly formed by straws and tents as well as the registered camps set up by the Niger Government have to fight against diseases as well as hunger and poverty caused by the lack of a regular income.

Cases of malnutrition resulting in death along with malaria, typhoid, and cholera are frequently observed especially among children and elders.

A significant number of people cannot access healthcare opportunities or struggle to get medicine in the country where compulsory health insurance systems and social welfare are inadequate.

On the other hand, the Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital built by TİKA in 2019 and co-operated by the health ministries of Türkiye and Niger stands out as the best mother-child hospital of the country. The hospital offering quality examination, treatment, and operation opportunities carries out social support activities by not rejecting the Nigerien poor people with inadequate financial means.

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