09 August 2018

Health Support from TİKA to Uganda

In the project carried out by a collaboration between Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA,) Doctors Worldwide Turkey and the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), the delegation consisting of 4 urology specialists, 2 anesthesiology specialists, 1 nurse and 2 project officers performed 35 operations in Uganda.

During their stay in Uganda, the delegation of specialists successfully carried out 35 challenging operations in the Naguru Hospital in the capital city Kampala and shared their experiences with their Ugandan colleagues.

Doctors Worldwide Turkey Project Coordinator Ahmet Çavuş stated that they were able to carry out urology operations, which were unable to be performed in Uganda, and despite inadequate operating room conditions and missing devices, the doctors were able to use their skills to successfully complete very difficult operations. Furthermore, doctors and nurses from the hospital were able to attend the operations and make observations.

The leader of the delegation, Rector of Istanbul Medeniyet University Prof. Dr. M. İhsan Karaman remarked that 35 patients with the ages ranging from 1 to 80 were operated on, including two prisoners incarcerated in a correctional facility near Kampala, as part of the project. Karaman expressed that the operations were related to kidneys, urinary tract, prostate and male genital organs and these operations were unable to be performed in Naguru hospital due to various reasons.  

TİKA Uganda Assistant Coordinator Onur Yaşar pointed out his happiness with the project for the contribution it has made to the positive relationship between the two countries and he thanked all stakeholders of the project. Yaşar said that they will continue their projects in many areas from health care to education and from agriculture to culture.

After the completion of the camp, Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sengendo handed out certificates of participation to volunteer health team.

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