18 May 2022

Housing Support from TİKA to Disaster Victims in Cambodia

Houses built for 20 low-income families, whose houses were damaged due to natural disasters in Kandal province of Cambodia, were delivered with a ceremony by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Benefiting 20 low-income families living in the region that sustains serious physical damages during the monsoon season every year, the housing project was implemented by cooperation between Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Turkish Embassy in Phnom Penh.

Among the participants of the ceremony that was held for handing over the houses to the families were Prak Sokhonn, serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in addition to serving as the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia; Ayda Ünlü, Turkish Ambassador to Phnom Penh; Ouch Borith, the Minister attached to the Prime Minister and Standing Secretary of State; Chem Widhya, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Dursun Ali Yaşacan, TİKA Head of Department; the Borough Master, and local administration as well as the local community.

In his speech during the ceremony, Prak Sokhonn, the Deputy Prime Minister, expressed his appreciation of the developing relationships between Türkiye and Cambodia. Having emphasized that his visit to Türkiye in February 2022 was among the most significant indicators of these relationships, Sokhonn extended his thanks to Türkiye Cumhuriyeti for its humanitarian and amicable aid. The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that he believed that such aid would eventually fill the bucket just like water droplets dripping on a bucket. Having stated that the housing project implemented was a significant contribution to the district, province, and the country, the Deputy Prime Minister Sokhonn emphasized that such aid having been provided would improve the life standards of low-income families. After having extended his thanks to Turkish Ambassador to Phnom Penh, Ayda Ünlü; and TİKA, Sokhonn cut the symbolic ribbon in the ceremony area.

Having expressed her gratitude to attend the ceremony to represent our country, Turkish Ambassador to Phnom Penh, Ayda Ünlü, stated that the activities for distribution of food and non-food packages with an aim to provide benefit to 170 families also played a significant role among the projects as implemented by Republic of Türkiye in Cambodia in addition to the housing project intended for 20 families.

Expressing her wishes that this humble contribution reflecting the amicable relations between two countries would alleviate the life challenges of our fellow Cambodian friends, Ambassador Ünlü extended her thanks to TİKA, which carries out many similar activities around the world as the official aid organization of Republic of Türkiye. Having stated that our country as a development partner shares its resources with other nations, Ambassador Ünlü emphasized that the housing project had previously been on the agenda, however, it could not reach the implementation stage until that time due to the global pandemic. Expressing her wishes that our country would introduce further activities in Cambodia, the Ambassador completed her words by stating that she believed that the projects implemented would be remembered as an example of amicable and close relationships between Türkiye and Cambodia.

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