26 December 2023

Humanitarian Aid from TİKA to Myanmar

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided food aid to 1,500 families in need who live in the refugee camps and settlements in and around the region of Sittwe, Arakan, a state of Myanmar.

According to the official data shared by the United Nations in Myanmar’s region of Arakan, approximately 231 thousand people are living in the refugee camps. Especially, Cyclone Mocha, which happened in May this year, caused serious damage to approximately 140 thousand Aracanese people who live in the refugee camps in Sittwe.

Rohingya refugees, who are struggling to survive without basic infrastructure and healthcare, face serious restrictions to have access to even staple foods.

Food aid TİKA provided is an important support to the families who live in the region. The families who are struggling to have access to staple foods presented their thanks to TİKA and Türkiye.

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