17 November 2022

Irrigation Equipment Support from TİKA to Ugandan Farmers

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided irrigation support to farmers in Lwengo, Uganda.

Located in Western Uganda between the cities of Masaka and Mbarara, Lwengo is one of the leading cities of the country in the field of tomato and coffee production. During dry periods, the country where production is made in the lands of the local government experiences major difficulties. Carrying out a project to minimize the irrigation problem, TİKA provided irrigation equipment support for farmers to be able to make agricultural production in dry periods.

President of the Local Government of Lwengo, George Nutulume, Local Government Official in charge of Agricultural Affairs, Bailon Kanshengeho, Deputy Ambassador of Türkiye to Kampala, Can Berk Atasoy, Interior and Security Counselor of Türkiye to Kampala, Mehmet Ali Özuğur, TİKA’s Coordinator in Uganda, Ömer Aykon, and farmers of Lwengo attended the ceremony for delivery of the equipment.

Emphasizing that their support for Ugandan people in agriculture and other sectors will continue in his speech at the ceremony, Ömer Aykon stated that the irrigation equipment support to the farmers in the region will enable planting in dry seasons and lead to substantial rises in tomato and coffee production.

Agricultural Engineer from the Local Government of Lwengo, Kanshangeho Bailon drew attention to the importance of the provided irrigation equipment for the local community. Stating that the people and livestock in the region have been affected negatively by climate change, Bailon said that the farmers will be able to breathe freely again once the installation of the irrigation system is completed.

TİKA, which has been carrying out various projects in Uganda since 2013 and expanded its project areas with the office it opened in the capital city, Kampala, in 2017, continues to implement new projects in the country in health, education, agriculture and livestock, and vocational training sectors.

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