12 October 2017

Latin American Training Program for Firefighting

Latin American Training Program for Firefighting proceeds in collaboration with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) with the cooperation of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB).

As it is well known, there are many countries in Latin America which has a lot of natural wonders and green spaces, many of which should be protected for the sake of civilization. Latin American countries’ fire departments have a vital role for the protection of the nature. Turkey launched Latin American Training Program for Firefighting through the contribution of TİKA and TBB and consistently maintains this program.

5 firefighters from the Amity Station for Firefighting between Turkey and Chile participated in a program which encompasses the theoretical and practical training in the Fire Training Center of Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli. They also take courses of communication, stress and anger management in Ankara.

Chilean firefighter VERDEJO voiced that there is an efficient knowledge and experience sharing between Turkey and Chile through this program. Turkey is a historical and great country. Also, we, as guess firefighters, find Turkish people so friendly that we feel very lucky participating in this program.

In addition to Chilean firefighters, another group from the Fire Department of Ibague Municipality, located in Tolima, a state of Colombia has started to take those courses in Kocaeli. This program will continue with the participation of Argentinean and Surinamese firefighters.

Firefighters conveyed their thanks to TİKA due to its initiative for this theoretical and practical training program for firefighting and also for its contributions to their effort to protect the natural wonders and human life. 

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