18 May 2022

Organ Transplant Training Activities Sponsored by TİKA Continue in Georgia

The second phase of organ transplant training activities has been completed within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed by and between Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkey Organ Transplantation Foundation, and Georgia Ministry of Health, which aims for improvement and extending the scope of organ transplant and organ donation activities in Georgia.

The fundamental steps of the technical assistance project, which includes establishment of a national organ transplant system, consist of raising public awareness about organ transplant, training of doctors and nurses as well as establishment of an organ transplant data management system.

Following the intensive care training as provided by Turkish doctors during the recent months, health care professionals participating from various hospitals in Georgia were provided with advanced training on the concept of brain death in addition to being provided with previous experience in this matter.

Having emphasized that the project was a crucial step for performing organ transplant from cadaver in Georgia, Eyüp Kahveci, the President of Turkey Organ Transplantation Foundation, said, “After completion of other training activities, the program for organ transplant from cadaver will be introduced for the first time in Georgia towards the end of the year and this will provide a vital opportunity for patients who wait for holding on to life with an organ transplant in Georgia.”

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