07 May 2021

Orphans in Afghanistan Got Together at Erenler Sofrası

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized an iftar meal for the children at the Teyi Mesken Orphanage in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

The iftar organization was attended by Beşir Ahmad Tahyanc, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan; Naci Yorulmaz, TİKA’s Vice-President; Ahmad Kakar, General Director of Orphanages; and students.

Having taken the floor following the meal, Tahyanc, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan, expressed his satisfaction for Turkey's continuous support. Also stating that he was happy that this program was held on World Orphans Day, Tahyanc thanked TİKA for putting a smile on the faces of orphans on a day like this. Tahyanc also underlined the importance of cooperation for the orphans and stated that this was a problem for the entire humanity and they could overcome this by joining forces.

After the speech, the students at the orphanage were distributed clothes and shoes.

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