31 August 2021

Patient Admissions Began in the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Friendship Hospital

Patient admissions began in the modern 72-bed Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Friendship Hospital, built by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) with an indoor area of nearly 12,000 sq. meters in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Chief Physician Assoc. Prof. Özgür Çelebi accompanied Alymkadyr Beishenaliev, Minister of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan, and Osman Usta, TİKA’s Bishkek Program Coordinator, who visited the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Friendship Hospital.

Stating that they were happy that the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Friendship Hospital was put into service, Beishenaliev said, “Patient admissions began in the hospital, where 30 Turkish healthcare professionals work. The Kyrgyz people had been waiting for this development for a long time.”

Noting that first, patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases would be admitted to the hospital, Beishenaliev said, “High-tech operations will be performed at the hospital and enable our citizens to be treated without going abroad.”

Beishenaliev reminded that the hospital would be jointly operated by Kyrgyzstan and Turkey for three years in accordance with the agreement between the parties. He noted that it was planned to inaugurate the hospital with the participation of the presidents of the two countries.

Beishenaliev thanked Turkey and TİKA for their efforts for the establishment of the hospital.  

The Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Friendship Hospital has laboratories, operating rooms, intensive care units, imaging units, a mammography machine, an X-ray machine, an ultrasound machine, a gastroscope, and an echocardiogram.

TİKA completed the construction of the hospital in 2018. More than a thousand patients were treated at the hospital, which was temporarily opened to treat COVID-19 patients when COVID-19 cases peaked in Kyrgyzstan last year.

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