06 November 2019

President of Guinea Alpha Conde Inaugurates TİKA Project

President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, inaugurated the Women's Vocational Training Center with a capacity of 600 people, which was equipped by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in Conakry, the capital of Guinea.

In the center, which was equipped by TİKA, Guinean women receive training in needlecraft, hairdressing, handmade soap making and cloth dyeing in conference and meeting rooms in a modern environment. Ministries and international institutions such as UNDP and FAO also organize training programs in the center.

Welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd and speaking at the inauguration ceremony where the members of the cabinet were present, President of Guinea Alpha Conde said, “Ladies and gentlemen, members of the government, I am delighted to be here with you this morning. When I came to power, I said I would dedicate our policies to women and youth, because women and youth are the power of society. That's why we prioritized them. Our women are struggling to support their families.

There are 36 women's vocational training centers in the city centers, and we will equip them all. Then we will focus on rural areas and open similar centers there. We are together and we will move forward, believe that. I would like to thank TİKA and other institutions that contributed to the equipment of the Center, which will be opened today.”

The ceremony ended with President Alpha Conde and officials visiting the center and receiving information about the works. 


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