30 January 2023

Primary School, Afanoyoa 1 in Cameroon Renewed by TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) renewed the primary school, Afanoyoa 1 in Yaounde III in Cameroon.

Within the framework of the renovation project, the roof of the school, which has 13 classrooms, was completely renewed. In fact, the roof had been leaking and was about to rust, posing a danger to students. Additionally, two classrooms, which had not been in use for years, were restored.

The school building was painted both inside and outside. Thus, it became convenient for the education activities. Also, a well, from which the locals can also benefit, has been opened to improve the hygiene at the school.

Volkan Işıkçı, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Yaounde; Paul Emah Etoundi, Member of Cameroonian Parliament; representatives from the Yaounde III Municipality; and Burak Özden, TİKA’s Coordinator in Yaounde participated in the opening ceremony along with the administrative and traditional leaders. The locals were also present at the ceremony.

Etoundi, Member of National Assembly, gave a speech and thanked TİKA for its support. He explained that because of the increased capacity, the school will serve more student and added that they are very happy about this.

Burak Özden, TİKA’s Coordinator in Yaounde, too, gave a speech and said that TİKA shares its experiences with its African friends through 22 offices in the continent. He also stated that he hoped that the renovation of Afanoyoa Primary School will help to raise many children who will contribute to the development of Cameroon and improvement of Cameroon-Türkiye friendship.

Within the framework of the project, 2 classrooms were renovated, helping to increase the capacity of the school.The roof was repaired and the floors of the classrooms were renewed. In addition, the classrooms were installed with drop ceilings.Both the interior and exterior walls of the building were painted, and the walking trails in the school were paved over to facilitate mobility.Besides, a well was opened on the campus. The well is at the disposal of the 3 thousand habitants living in the region.After the renovation, it is expected that the school, which currently has 420 students, will host 800 students in the next academic year.

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