07 March 2013

Second Phase In Protecting Turcoman Horses

Second Phase In Protecting Turcoman Horses

In May last year, a new phase started on the project that was launched for the preservation and purification of famous Turkmen horses known as Ahalteke throughout the world. Turkmen jockeys were trained in horse riding for the second phase of the project.

“Conservation of the Ahalteke Horses Genetics Project” carried out by TIKA for the protection of the genetic structures of Ahalteke horses of Turkmenistan which is one of the national values and identified with the Turkmen culture, and to remove the pure breed horses from the rest, moved to the next stage.

With TIKA’s coordination and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’s and Jockey Club of Turkey’s cooperation a training program was held in Istanbul at Ekrem Kurt Apprentice Training Center for Turkmen jockeys to observe current practices on horse riding in place and experience Turkey.

The program which was executed in cooperation with TIKA and the Jockey Club of Turkey was held in Istanbul between February 24 and March 2, 2013. Under the program, five Turkmen jockeys who were brought to our country were trained on topics such as kenter and tempo studies, sprint studies, start machine studies, gallop studies according to the instructions, mechanical horse training, horse riding techniques, horse riding training at the track, and received theoretical and practical tutorial. Also Istanbul City tour, Bosporus tour and museum trips were organized within the scope of social programs.

Jockeys who had the opportunity to observe races at Veliefendi Hippodrome in Istanbul evaluated the advanced applications Turkey reached in the field of horse breeding, and expressed the importance of the continuation of such programs coordinated by TİKA, for the development of horse breeding in Turkmenistan.


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