01 October 2013

Seed And Equipment Support For Sudanese Farmers

Seed And Equipment Support For Sudanese Farmers

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate provided developed seed and equipment aid to farmers living in the Darfur region of Sudan.

TİKA provided 100 tons of seeds comprised of 25 different items to farmers living in villages that were determined in cooperation with the state governorships and the African Technology City. The yellow corn, white corn, okra, peanut, tomato, onion, watermelon, moringa and jathropha seeds were given directly to the farmers along with farming tools such as ploughs, water pumps and hoes.

The seed distribution project which has been continued since 2010 with the contributions of TİKA, not only provides thousands of families with food but enables them to earn a living by selling their products in the market. The seed distribution project, which won an award in the category of “Good Practices Examples” at the Global South-South Cooperation EXPO 2011 Fair organized by the Food and Agriculture Association in Rome on December 5-9, 2011, is expected to continue and expand in the future.

The project, which was put into application in 60 villages located in the 5 states of Darfur, East, West North, South and Central Darfur, was especially directed towards the farming families who returned to their villages after the uprisings and unrest had ceased. In this context opportunities for employment were provided to the returning farmers. The project helped to achieve an increase in planted land in the area and the work circulation and activity that resulted from this project gave the region long anticipated hope for stability and the return of peace.

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