25 July 2023

“Söğüt Gölgesi” Photography Exhibition Opened in Ankara with TİKA’s Support

Photography exhibition of the poet Nurullah Genç, “Söğüt Gölgesi”, was opened in the capital city with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

TİKA President Serkan Kayalar, poet Genç, TİKA employees and many guests attended the opening of the exhibition “Söğüt Gölgesi” held in TİKA Headquarters, which includes a documentary series and photography exhibition.

Common historical and cultural artifacts’ photographs from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, North Macedonia and Albania are displayed in the exhibition.

In his speech, TİKA President Kayalar mentioned that this exhibition is the beginning of the programs after Covid-19.

Kayalar said "We will listen to witnesses of our geography of heart.” regarding the exhibition.

Thanking the contributors of the project, Kayalar stated that the works of Genç will be published and be made into a book by TİKA.

Poet Genç mentioned his journey to photography and said “Poetry is the photograph of the unseen, photograph on the other hand is the poetry of the seen.”

Telling what he experienced in the countries he went under the project, Genç stated that each of the photographs will be published with custom texts.

The exhibition was toured after the speeches.

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