29 June 2021

Support from TİKA for Entrepreneurs Living on Animal Husbandry in Syria

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has provided 109 churning machines and 24 feed grinders to entrepreneurs in the region to support animal husbandry in the area of the Euphrates Shield Operation.

TİKA launched a project to support the industry in the Azez, Ahtarin, Çobanbey, Mare, and Soran regions within the borders of the Euphrates Shield Operation area upon high feed input costs and insufficient utilization of animal products in Syria.

109 churning machines and 24 feed grinders, provided by TİKA, were distributed to those whose main source of livelihood is agriculture and animal husbandry.

As part of the churning machine supply project, by making butter from milk, which cannot be sold fresh, it is aimed to increase the shelf life and to bring a manufactured product to the market. The project aims to develop milk processing technology in the region, increase diversity with alternative products and encourage young entrepreneurs who make a living with animal husbandry in the region.

With the feed grinder supply project, it is aimed that the people who make a living with animal husbandry in the region shall produce their feed and feeds such as barley, corn, and wheat shall be ground and used more economically and effectively.

"Feeders' expenses will be reduced"

Çobanbey Agriculture Director Ahmet Ali said in a statement that they are cooperating with TİKA and other relevant authorities in Turkey for the distribution of machines to those engaged in animal husbandry. Ali said: "Thanks to these machines, we will benefit even more from the products of those engaged in animal husbandry. Feeders' expenses will be reduced."

Thanks to Turkey

Ahmet Rıda Koleş, who makes a living from animal husbandry, said: "The agriculture directorate in the region called us for the machines to be distributed. We would like to thank Turkey for the support. We were trying so hard without these machines. We used to supply the feed from locations far away at high costs." said.

One of the breeders, Ahmet Hasan also thanked Turkey for the support, stating that he came to the agricultural directorate in Çobanbey to take delivery of the churning machine.

One of the Çobanbey Turkmen, Ebu Ali said: "Turkey helps us in every way. Thank you."

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