15 August 2022

Support from TİKA to Beekeeping in Georgia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the General Directorate of Veteran Affairs operating under the Prime Ministry of Georgia provided beehives and equipment to veterans who live on farming in Guria, Georgia.

TİKA carried out a project called “Empowering Veteran Beekeepers Living in the Countryside” in the town of Ozurgeti, in Guria, Georgia. Accordingly, beekeepers have been provided with 100 beehives, overalls, masks, gloves, brushes, air-blowing devices and additional beekeeping equipment.

A program was held to submit the equipment to the veterans. Turkish General Consulate in Batumi, Consular Assistant Turan Oğuhaz Gönültaş, Vice Minister of Georgian Regional Development and Infrastructure, Mzia Giorgobiani, Governor of Guria, Giorgi Uruşadze, Head of Regional Development operating under the Agency of Rural Development of the Georgian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Laşa Şalamberidze, Head of Cooperative Development Department,  Konstantine Hutsaidze, authorities from the Georgian Ministry of Defence  and guests participated in the program.  

Major General, Koba Kobaladzade, gave a speech at the ceremony and informed that the cooperation between TİKA and General Directorate of Veteran Affairs started in 2017. He added that it was an honour for him to participate in a project to support veteran farmers living in the countryside. Kobaladze wished the cooperation would continue and thanked TİKA and Turkish people for their support.

TİKA’s Tbilisi Coordinator, Tuba Özütok said that they are continuing to carry out projects to improve the income level of families living in the Georgian countryside and contribute to employment. Özütok indicated that they aim to decrease rural flight and increase agricultural production with such agricultural development projects.  

An important sector in rural development: Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an important source of income for families living in the countryside, for it is the cheapest and easiest way of creating jobs. In fact, beekeeping, which does not depend on soil, is enough for a family to get by. It is a profitable job that contributes to the solution of unemployment. Besides, there is a great demand for bee products. Beekeeping is a preferable activity also because of its contribution to pollination and sustainability as well as the nutritional value of its products. Therefore, it is accepted to be an important branch of production and an important sector in rural development.

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