17 October 2022

Support from TİKA to Chad’s Fight against Malaria

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided technical equipment and consumable materials to Chad, where the mortality rate for malaria is high.

The equipment and materials were presented at a ceremony held at N'Djamena Municipality. Türkiye’s Ambassador to Chad, Kemal Kaygısız, the Mayor of N’Djamene, Ali Harun and TİKA’s Coordinator in N’Djamena, Vedat Baş attended the ceremony.

N’Djamena Municipality started a fight against malaria on August 24 to reduce malaria cases and decrease the mortality rate for malaria and to protect public health.  TİKA provided the municipality with spraying machines and medicine to contribute to its fight.

Among the equipment provided to Chad are atomizer machines with a capacity of 20 lt, fumigation devices with a capacity of 6 lt, spare spark plugs and chemical components such as malathion, anti-malaria oil, K-Othrine, fenitrothion, executor insecticide as well as cleaning supplies such as detergents and soap.

The Mayor of N’Djamene, Ali Harun gave a speech at the ceremony and said: 

"We need much more support in our fight against the invasion of mosquitos and insects from our partners after this year’s heavy rains. On this occasion, we thank TİKA for siding with us in our fight against mosquitos. The support given by TİKA will facilitate our fight against malaria in all parts of the city.”  

Hundreds of thousands of people have trouble accessing health services, and malaria is one of the main causes of death of children under the age 6 in Chad. According to the data retrieved from Anti-Malaria Program in Chad, every year around 1700 people die of malaria.  

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