27 October 2021

Support from TİKA to the Internal Peace Process in South Sudan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment to the press unit established under the Ministry of Peace Building in South Sudan.

TİKA provided furniture, computers and printers to a press unit established within the ministry. In this unit, peace stories will be told, important community leaders will be discussed through broadcasts and examples of peace will be told to the society.

Five office desks and chairs with drawers, five double desks and chairs, three triple waiting chairs, five metal file cabinets, a water dispenser, two desktop computers, a laptop computer, a multi-function printer and printer papers were given.

In his speech at the delivery ceremony of the materials, TİKA Juba Coordinator Cafer T. Beşli stated that as TİKA, they are happy to be a part of the South Sudan peace process and that they see this material support as a contribution to the internal peace of South Sudan. Beşli also stated that they believe in the internal peace of South Sudan and that this project is an indicator of that belief.

In his speech, the Turkish Ambassador to Juba, Erdem Mutaf, stated that he is pleased to be at the opening of another capacity-building project carried out by TİKA, that South Sudan is an old friend of the Turkish people, and that the two countries have a strong cultural relationship. Mutaf stated that Turkey is one of the first countries to recognize the independence of South Sudan and that Turkey has a presence in South Sudan thanks to many institutions such as TİKA, Turkish Red Crescent and trade consultancy. He also stated that an agreement was signed between the Turkish Maarif Foundation and the South Sudanese Ministry of General Education and Training and that the Turkish Maarif Foundation will soon open educational institutions in the country.

He stated that TİKA helps people with different projects in South Sudan, contributes to their livelihoods, and supports different groups such as women and children, young people, prison inmates, farmers, and students. Ambassador Mutaf also stated that he is happy to be in the Ministry of Peace Building, which contributes to peace in South Sudan.

In his speech, South Sudan Peacebuilding Minister Stephen Par Kuol thanked Turkey for the support given to the Peacebuilding Ministry. Stating that their partnership with the Turks dates to pre-independence, Minister Kuol said that Turkey provided humanitarian aid to those affected by the flood disaster, that they thanked Turkey on behalf of South Sudan, and the support would increase the capacity of the Ministry staff and would be beneficial for the citizens in general. 

The Ministry of Peacebuilding in South Sudan works with government bodies to monitor the functioning of the multi-party system, support the post-civil war election process, create policies and platforms that support peace, establish social cohesion and national identity, and fulfill the conditions of a peace agreement. The Ministry also shares good examples of peace with the world press, creates an investment environment, identifies problematic regions that hinder peace and finds solutions, empowers women, and spreading peace.

The press unit established within the Ministry aims to disseminate stories that will contribute to peace and to make publications that will lead to inner peace and tranquility. In addition, it is planned to contribute to the resolution of conflicts by broadcasting on social media and national television channels through meetings between community and tribal leaders, which will take place in the radio studio to be established within the press unit.

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