07 June 2022

Support from TİKA to the Project “Women in the Digital World”

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce carried out the project “Women in the Digital World”.

TİKA and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KKTO) carried out the project “Women in the Digital World. Women entrepreneurs were given trainings about social media, brand management, graphic design and professional photography within the project. Women designed their own logos at the end of trainings and learned how to manage a professional social media account.

Sibel Tatar to participate in the closing ceremony

The program was attended by women who created their own entrepreneurship stories in different fields from Karpaz to Güzelyurt. Sibel Tatar, the first lady of TRNC participated in the closing ceremony. In addition to Ms. Tatar, Turgay Deniz, the Chairman of KKTO and the board members, Havva Pınar Özcan Küçükçavuş, TİKA’s Coordinator in Lefkosia and Meryem Çerkez Gürtunç, the President of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Council were presented in the ceremony.

The importance of digitalisation in commerce

Tatar gave a speech at the ceremony and said that e-commerce is important to reduce costs in commerce and increase labour force. She mentioned that it is admirable that women are given such an opportunity through this project. Known for her support to women labourers, Tatar indicated that the pandemics showed the importance of the digital world. Highlighting the popularity of internet use, Tatar said the digital world offers an important opportunity in marketing and sales.

Women’s effective participation in work life

Gürtunç, the President of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Council took the floor following Tatar and declared that their purpose is to make quality and measurable improvements under the roof of KKTO so that women can participate in economy effectively. Gürtunç said that they are happy and excited to hold the closing ceremony of the project and added that this project is important to keeping up with the digitalizing world.  

TİKA caring about woman-centred projects  

Küçükçavuş, TİKA’s Coordinator in Lefkosia, gave a speech after Gürtunç and explained that supporting many projects to support women’s employment all over the world, TİKA cares a lot about woman-centred projects in TRNC. Küçükçavuş wished luck to the participants in the business world. Deniz, the Chairman of KKTO, said that it is extremely important that women have an increasingly stronger role in the business world and that the business world will get stronger because of women’s initiatives.

Following the speeches, Tatar presented women entrepreneurs their certificates and wished them luck in the business life.

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