12 April 2016

Sustainable Agriculture Projects Ongoing in Montenegro

50 farmers, resident at villages in city of Petnitsa, were distributed 6500 fruit saplings within scope of the Project on Promoting Fruit Farming at Sandzak Region, Montenegro. The Project had been kick-started on 2014 by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Sustainable agriculture projects implemented by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency to increase employment in Montenegro proceed at full pace. Sandzak, a mountainous region in Montenegro benefited the Project of TIKA, aiming to prevent external migration, promoting fruit growing and foraging and increasing the income of farmers. 50 farmers received around 6500 fruit saplings within scope of the Project in Petnitsa.
Mustafa Yazıcı, Montenegro Program Coordinator (TIKA), at his speech: “The assistance began on 2014 with a pilot Project at Bistritsa region through the distribution of 5000 fruit saplings, agricultural pesticide material and young plant products. The saplings were very welcome by the public and proved 95% efficient. Within scope of the mentioned project, 50 growers in the villages of Petnitsa were given training on fruit farming.” He added that the main target is to promote fruit farming in the region and to increase the income of the farmers. Yazıcı said that agricultural assistance held great significance in especially Sandzak region and that the assistances to sustainable farming projects in Montenegro will go on.
Sandzak region ranks first among the regions in Montenegro with the highest external migration rate. It is envisaged that the external migration at the region will be prevented with the implementation of agricultural projects. 


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