27 August 2013

Tent And Food Aid To The Flood Victims In Sudan

Tent And Food Aid To The Flood Victims In Sudan

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate, which is active in and has accomplished a number of projects in Sudan related to health, education, livestock, agriculture and humanitarian aid, provided tents and food to the victims of the recent flood in Sudan.

TİKA, an organization which has been undertaking projects in Sudan for quite a long time and adding value to Sudan with such projects, held out a helping hand to the Sudanese citizens who are suffering from the recent flood. Due to the flood disaster that occurred when Sudan received the most intense rainfall in the past 20 years, many people living in the residential areas of the capital Khartoum lost their homes and are in need of shelter. There are also major difficulties in transporting food to these areas due to roads being damaged in the flood.

According to the reports disclosed by the Sudan Humanitarian Aid Committee, nearly 15 thousand homes have been affected by the flood disaster. It was also said that nearly 200 thousand people have been impacted by the flood. TİKA began working quickly after to flood by contacting the Sudanese authorities, determining the most urgent needs and organizing the aid. In this scope efforts were started in the regions affected by the flood and urgent requirements were determined by TİKA firsthand. As a result of talking to citizens in the flood regions, it was determined that the most urgent needs consisted of shelter and food.

360 tents and 250 food packages, which were supplied by TİKA in response to these needs, were distributed in the Fakih Ebul Kasım, Soba, Ciref, Kiryab and Merabial Şerif regions in Khartoum which were affected the most by the flood. Khartoum Mayor Abdurrahman Hıdır and Şarkun Nil Governor Ammar Ahmed met with TİKA authorities regarding the aid and expressed their gratitude. They also said that they were extremely pleased that TİKA has always been a supporter of the Sudanese people. The people in the flood region expressed their gratitude to Turkey, the first country to extend a helping hand following the flood disaster.

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