20 June 2022

The 7th International Social Sciences Congress Held in Baku

This year, the 7th International Social Sciences Congress was held in Baku with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The 7th International Social Sciences Congress (INCSOS) was held in Baku between June 2 and 4, 2022 with the cooperation of TİKA, the Presidency of TGNA, the Presidency of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, International Balkan University Skopje/Macedonia and Azerbaijan ADA University.

The most important topics of the congress: Karabakh Battle and Khojaly Massacre

Previously held in Malaga, Jerusalem, Bukhara, Romania, Skopje and Ankara, INCSOS is regularly conducted in cities that have a cultural code. The 7th congress was, thus, held in Baku under the auspices of Prof Mustafa Şentop, the Speaker of Turkish Grand National Assembly and Prof Sahibe Gafarove, the President of National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The International Balkan University and Azerbaijan ADA University worked in cooperation to organize the congress which was funded by TİKA. The congress focused on topics like the liberation of Karabakh and Khojaly massacre.

The purpose is to contribute to science

The objective of the congress, which covered a wide range of scientific topics, was to increase the cooperation between universities and countries, help Azerbaijani and Turkish academicians represent their work abroad and contribute to science. Hundreds of national and international academicians, rectors, deputies and specialists attended the congress. Prof Mustafa Şentop, the Speaker of Turkish Grand National Assembly gave the opening speech and indicated that Türkiye stands up for Azerbaijan not only because the two countries are brothers but also because the latter defends a rightful cause. He said, “We will continue to support our brothers’ rightful cause to establish permanent peace in Caucasus and will always side with Azerbaijan”.

“These efforts should not remain in theory”

Drawing attention to the importance of the academic work carried out by the academicians from Türkiye and Azerbaijan, Şentop said, “Getting closer in the academic world will greatly help the two countries know much more about each other. As Türkiye and Azerbaijan already have a close relationship and as they have both signed the Susha Declaration that includes several strong provisions paving the way for a much closer relation between the countries, the steps to strengthen the cooperation between Turkish and Azerbaijani universities are very important and must be taken immediately. We have remained separate for long years. We need to act quickly to make up for the gap. These efforts should not remain in theory”.

At the first stage of the congress, many communiqués that had been accepted after a double-blind review were presented, while at the last stage the participants visited the historical and holy places in Azerbaijan and Karabakh, especially in Susha.

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