28 November 2023

The Building of Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK) was Renewed with Support From TİKA

The service building of the Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK) was renewed with support from Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

After a long time, the building at Nicosia, Köşklüçiftlik, in which TAK has been active since 1996, went under extensive renovation with TİKA’s support. With the 2.5-month-long renovation, the foundation of the building was stopped from dehumidifying, the paint and plasters were renewed, and window blinds and balcony parapets were repaired and painted.

The TAK building is within the scope of the “Construction Plan for the Capital, Nicosia”, which is in effect in TRNC, and it is within the borders of the region of “Central Housing Zone Texture Preservation and Harmonization”. The TAK building, the location of which is quite close to the border of the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus, is among the historical buildings in the region of Köşklüçiftlik. Therefore, its renewal is an important subject, both for urbanization and for protecting the historical and architectural texture.

Within this scope, strengthening the physical capacity of the Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK), which serves the community by enabling the public to receive truthful information, has increased the competence of the most important aspect of TRNC media.

Turkish News Agency-Cyprus was founded on December 21, 1973, with the order of the late founding president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Rauf Denktaş, to let the fight and voices of Turkish Cypriots be heard. It is the only official news agency in TRNC. The agency started its activities due to the Temporary Turkish Cypriot Administration’s need for its national news agency. To let the world hear their voice, the agency started its activities by publishing its first newsletter with only a few newscasts and using one typewriter.

Becoming the voice and memory of the Turkish Cypriots, TAK provides truthful and objective journalism in the fields of Turkish newscasts, Greek press, and photograph services.

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