05 March 2020

The Training Greenhouse Built by TİKA Yielded Its First Crops in Guinea

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a training greenhouse of 312 sq. meters with plastic sheeting, side ventilation, and drip and sprinkler irrigation in Vocational School of Higher Education for Agriculture and Livestock with 240 students in Kobe, which has a population of 600,000, in Guinea. TİKA also built a system to provide 12 tons of water per day to the school.

There are two schools of higher education in the field of agriculture and livestock in Guinea, one in Kobe and one in Mamou. The only faculty of agriculture in the country is located in Faranah, which is located 15 hours from Conakry by road. Even the faculty of agriculture in Faranah does not have any training greenhouses. In the first step, TİKA built a training greenhouse for the students of Kobe Vocational School of Higher Education for Agriculture and Livestock, which is located 5 hours from Conakry. The greenhouse will enable both teachers and students to practice modern production techniques. In addition, the greenhouse will yield nearly 8 tons of crops each year, which will make a significant contribution to the budget of the school.

Expressing his satisfaction with the project, Principal of Kobe Vocational School of Higher Education for Agriculture and Livestock Jeams Deen Toure said, “I studied agriculture and livestock in Cuba. When I came back, I started to work as a technical employee at Guinea’s Ministry of Livestock. When I came to this school as a principal, I felt that I was disconnected from civilization. There was no water or electricity. However, I knew that I had to work hard for my country. This is a groundbreaking project by TİKA, the first of its kind in this country. TİKA also solved the problem of water in our school. Ministry officials and residents of Kobe visit the greenhouse to see what Turkey has accomplished here. We need TİKA’s help for other needs of our school as well. If the school develops, residents of the city will also benefit from it because we will train them.”


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