14 April 2016

TIKA’s Agricultural Assistance to Guyana

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided machinery support to Agricultural Development Authority in Mahaicony, which is a couple hours from Georgetown, the capital of Guyana.

In Mahaicony (Guyana), the delivery of 1 mini loader, 1 agri-motor and trailer was celebrated with a ceremony. The machinery was needed within scope of the measures to be taken due to floods that take place in relation with overflows of River Mahaicony.

Many officials including Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture (Guyana) Mr. George Jervis, Agricultural Development Authority Chairman of the Board Dr. Kenneth Sealey, Director of Agricultural Development Authority Mr. Aubrey Charles, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head of Latin America Department Mr. Berkan Bazarcı and officials of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.

Mr. Aubrey Charles, Director of Agricultural Development Authority, stated that they have been serving in a city with the highest population of farmers in Guyana as well as the largest agricultural area in the country. Mr. Charles added that thanks to the assistance the development in the field of agriculture would improve and develop further. Mr. Charles presented his gratitude to Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency for the assistance provided.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Kenneth Sealey in his statement said that “Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency is a service oriented agency and that the people of Guyana are grateful for each assistance TIKA provided as well as the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish people”.

Dr. Sealey, thanking TIKA for the aid provided to farmers, who were able to improve their work and services, added that these aids greatly contribute and are clear indicators of the good relations between the Republic of Turkey and Guyana.

TIKA Coordinator of Columbia Dr. Mehmet Özkan, expressed his gratitude for the nice hospitality shown by the people and officials of Guyana. Coordinator Dr. Özkan shared the emphasis that the relations between the two countries will elevate to better levels of cooperation and stronger bonds, which will be sophisticated by better projects in the future.


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