25 December 2023

TİKA’s Project Strengthens Mozambique’s Vocational Training Infrastructure

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) helped build an Electric-Electronic Vocational Training Workshop at Katembe Vocational School in Mozambique’s village of Katembe.

The project, which was carried out with the cooperation of TİKA and the Republic of Mozambique’s Secretary of State for Youth and Employment, aims to enable the young people of the region to have more efficient access to vocational and technical training services.

The maintenance, renewal, construction works, and equipment for training TİKA provided will enable the workshop to be used efficiently.

Within the scope of the project, vocational training programs will be organized for approximately 200 students each year, enabling young people to improve their skills in the field of electric-electronic.

Mozambique’s Secretary of State for Youth and Employment Director of Vocational Training, Leo Elias Jamal, presented his thanks for the support TİKA provided and stated that the project is quite important for the employment of young people in the region of Katembe and for the contribution to qualified workforce.

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